At its core, Butterfly Benefits exists to be a multiplier for others.

Whether you are a business owner, community organizer, department manager, or other leader, you have a range of demands. Among those demands are ensuring your teams are composed of the right mix of people, making them all feel valued and included, and empowering them to effectively succeed for you. Too often, the attention needed in these areas doesn't rise to the top of the task list.

This is where Butterfly Benefits will help you flourish.

We provide a range of customizable services to meet the demands of each client's situation. We can work with clients on a single task, like ensuring a job description is appealing to a diverse range of candidates so that you don't inadvertently discouarage potential stars before they apply. We can work with clients as a full partner over a long-term engagement to help a business owner define their vision, build policies and practices to help recruit and retain a diverse team. We can work agilely and adaptively with both sole proprietors who have no employees or with mid-level managers within the parameters of their employer's hierarchy.

Click the link below to view some of our services. We welcome a conversation to explore how we can best adapt one of these, or create something new, to help you win!